The QC Green Awards is organized by multiple departments of the Quezon City government.

The Quezon City Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Department is tasked to develop and implement policies, programs, projects, systems, and strategies on climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as environmental sustainability while ensuring efficient and sustainable resource allocation through advocacy-driven campaigns, environment-friendly technological advances, environmental education, and community engagement.

Contact Number(s): 8988-4242 locals 8348 / 8349 / 8359 / 8360

The Quezon City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (QCDRRMO) addresses the needs of the local government when it comes to preparation, prevention, and mitigation of any disaster, in any given situation. QCDRRMC was made to strengthen the disaster approach of the local government of Quezon City amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and other existing hazards due to the geographic location of the Philippines.

Contact Number(s): 8988-4242 loc. 8038 / 8928-4396

The Quezon City Business Permit and Licensing Department (QCBPLD) provides effective and efficient systems, procedures, and practices in the issuance and renewal of business and occupational permits. BPLD is responsible for regulating the nature and or operations of various business activities within the City. It is the Department’s duty to conduct inspections on all business establishments operating within the City, ensuring conformity to existing laws, rules, and regulations. Violations of these warrant revocation of issued permit/license and closure of business establishments if and when necessary.

Contact Number(s): 8988-4242 local 8174

The Office of the City Administrator (OCA) serves as the principal advisor to the City Mayor, providing sound recommendations and developing plans and strategies for the effective and efficient management and administration of City Government operations. OCA also serves as the clearinghouse of all financial transactions of the city government, ensuring compliance to all relevant budget, accounting, and audit rules, regulations, and guidelines. It warrants that policies and programs result in good governance, transparency, and better public service for its constituents. Under the direction of the City Mayor, OCA supervises and provides coordinative support among the different City Departments and Offices for better inter-office linkages in the implementation of city projects and programs. OCA also oversees the implementation of the QCitizen ID, Integrated Energy-Efficient Streetlighting Program, and City Bus Augmentation Program, among others.

Contact Number(s): 8988-4242 local 8425

The Barangay and Community Relations Department (BCRD) oversees the Barangay Council’s programs, projects and activities, providing technical and administrative assistance to the barangays. BCRD organizes training and seminars for barangay officials and personnel to develop their skills and competencies in creating appropriate plans for their communities in partnership with other local government agencies and civil society organizations. As part of its function to foster and continuously promote closer government-people relationships, BCRD organizes Mayor-community conferences to explain city plans and programs, monitors and receives community complaints and problems, and providing development reports/updates of actions taken.

Contact Number(s): 8988-4242 | local 8520, 8522 , 8524 to 8528

The Quezon City Youth Development Office (QCYDO) formulates and implements programs and services attuned to the issues and concerns of the city’s youth.

Contact Number(s): 8988 4242 | Loc. 8738 , 8707

The Quezon City Information Technology Development Department shall be responsible for the system development and the management of a Comprehensive Information Technology Master Plan which will serve as a guide for a harmonious operation of the operating departments such as, revenue generating processes, frontline services, technical information and planning data, infrastructure and engineering data, demographics and internal administrative systems.

Contact Number(s): 8988-4242 local 8200, 8279



climate change and environmental sustainability department




Barangay and Community Relations Department