QC Green Awards is an award-giving program that recognizes and rewards outstanding and inclusive programs, projects, and best practices on Climate Action and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management by Barangays, Sangguniang Kabataan Councils, Youth-based Organizations, Businesses, Public and Private Hospitals and Schools within Quezon City.


  • Inspire and encourage city-wide programs, initiatives, and practices on Climate Action and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management.

  • Continuously educate QC citizens, barangay leaders, youth, businesses, public and private hospitals and schools on Climate Action and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management.
  • Showcase Quezon City’s best practices and contributions to the country’s climate and resilience objectives.
  • Establish Quezon City as a global model of excellence in Climate Action and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management.

Schedule of

2024 Events and Activities

We have an exciting year of green activities this year! Check-out the QC Green Awards Calendar and join us!

July 26

Stakeholders Orientation & Training

July 26 - August 26

Submission of Entries

August 5

Press Conference

September 16 - October 21

Desk Evaluation and Field Validation

October 22- 30

Final Deliberation


Awarding Ceremony



Hon. Ma. Josefina Belmonte

City Mayor

Qcitizens, welcome to the first QC Green Awards. It is the city’s effort to honor the guardians of our planet and those who have made it their mission to create a greener and safer worls. We invite you to join us in this journey to a more resilient and sustainable QC.

Hon. Gian Carlo Sotto

City Vice Mayor

As we come together to celebrate our environmental stewards, let us take the time to also reflect on our own roles in safeguarding our planet. We can take collective responsibility for our world and our people and pave the way for a sustainable future for generations to come. Mabuhay kayo QCitizens!

Michael Victor Alimurung

City Adminstrator

Quezon City LGU has been at the helm of recognizing talents and efforts in different fields for the past years and this year we chose to highlight Environmental and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management efforts because we believe that this will inspire community action and drive impactful change. Climate crisis is an urgent issue and we hope that the QC Green Awards will transform the way we interact and perceive our environment. Thank you and best of luck to our nominees!

ma. bianca d. perez

QC Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Head

Join us in this momentous occasion as we give the centerstage to exceptional achievements of these trailblazers for disaster resiliency. Let their stories inspire us, ignite our passion, and fuel our determination to create a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature. They have proven that even small actions, when multiplied, can make an immense difference. Kita-kita tayo QCitizens!

Andrea Villaroman

Climate Change and Sustainability Department, Head

The QC Green Awards is where we showcase the extraordinary efforts of various stakeholders in protecting and preserving the beauty of our planet. Let us unite, ignite change, and nurture a sustainable world for all! Congratulations to the awardees in advance and see you at our events!